Weekly Pool Maintenance & Cleaning

Most pool owners understand the importance of keeping their pools and spas clean, chemically balanced, and properly maintained, but few have the time or desire to do it themselves. With B&B, you don't have to! Our adept, dependable maintenance technicians specialize in handling the hard work so you can spend your time enjoying your pool, not laboring over it.

A routine pool maintenance visit may include such services as:

  • Emptying skimmer baskets and pool cleaner
  • Brushing and/or vacuuming walls, bottom, and steps
  • Skimming surface debris
  • Water testing and chemical balancing, and
  • Periodically emptying filter baskets, backwashing, and cleaning filters as applicable

Pool Openings & Closings

B&B swimming pool openings and closings save you time and protect your investment. Let the professionals at B&B take the pressure off you. You can have your pool opened or closed by B&B's expert technicians to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your family.

Pool Repair Service

Professional pool repair is just a phone call away! Let us keep your pool in excellent condition with our fast, reliable, and expert pool repair service. We use the best parts in the industry and can help with any of your pool repair needs, including:

  • Pumps, Filters, Heaters
  • Replacement motors
  • Plumbing
  • Valves
  • Control Systems
  • Leak Detection
  • Replacement of Equipment
  • Tile Cleaning and Repairs
  • Sand Changes
  • Main Drain Covers (VGB Approved)
  • Swimming Pool Cleaners (Automatic Pool Vacuums)
  • Lights (LED and color wheels)
  • Salt Systems

Hot Tub/Spa Repair

If you find yourself in need of hot tub service or repair, B&B Pool and Spa Center is here to help! Whether you use your hot tub for relaxing, entertaining, or the perfect night with that special someone, it is our goal to get your hot tub repaired, so you can go back to enjoying it.

Our technicians are skilled in the repairs of Sundance and Jacuzzi “premium” brands of spas and hot tubs . The new hot tub and spa models have far more bells and whistles than the older models. Today’s hot tub and spa repair technicians need to be skilled in working with the advanced control systems found in most newer model hot tubs, like our current line of Sundance Spas. At B&B Pool and Spa Center, you can rest assured our technicians have the knowledge and skillset to repair the newer high-tech hot tub models.

Winter Watch

We also offer Winter Watch Service for added peace of mind during the winter months. You can rely on B&B 365 days a year!

Weekly Hot Tub/Spa Maintenance & Cleaning

Whether you use your hot tub or inground gunite spa for relaxing, entertaining, or the perfect night with that special someone, let B&B Pool and Spa Center take the work out of owning a hot tub or spa. With our weekly hot tub or spa cleaning and maintenance service, we will help make sure your hot tub or spa is in optimal shape so you can enjoy the health and wellness aspects without the stress and time of maintaining it.

As an authorized Sundance Spas dealer, our highly skilled technicians will perform maintenance and cleaning on any Sundance branded spa - the only hot tub manufacturer we handle. Should you need a repair or service, we are also a Sundance authorized warranty station for your convenience. Since we only carry the specific parts necessary for Sundance Spas, we do not offer service and repairs to any other hot tub manufacturer models at this time.

We also offer the same great service for standalone gunite spas.

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