Gunite Pools

Gunite pools offer the greatest design flexibility plus exceptional durability. Gunite is sprayed through a hose at high velocity onto a custom-made wireframe structure. The result is a remarkably durable swimming pool that can be sized and shaped to perfectly complement your landscape.

Custom tile and a variety of finishes can be applied to any part of the Gunite surface for unlimited design possibilities! A B&B Gunite IntelliPool® gives you the opportunity to personalize your swimming pool design with vanishing edges, custom spas, unique water features, special surface finishes, custom steps, and more!

What Matters is What You Don't See!

What truly distinguishes a B&B Pool is our unwavering commitment to lasting quality. Get an underground view of a B&B swimming pool and learn about the materials and components that go into every B&B Gunite pool by downloading our Gunite Pools brochure.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl Pools are generally more economical to build than gunite pools. Vinyl pools are prefabricated steel structures that are lined with an interior vinyl cover. They are available in dozens of pre-designed shapes. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn how many shapes and sizes are available, in both rectangular and freeform designs! Vinyl liners come in a beautiful array of colors and patterns with lots of options to consider.

Like gunite pools, a B&B vinyl IntelliPool® can be customized with waterfalls, slides, and the added convenience and safety of an automatic pool cover. Pool covers are a great way to reduce maintenance and protect your pool from the elements. A motor-driven pool cover makes covering your pool as simple as pressing a button!

Our superior construction standards and materials ensure a long-lasting vinyl pool. To learn more, download our Vinyl Pools brochure.

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