Ultraviolet(UV) systems are a means of sanitizing environments and equipment used within many different industries. Dentists, cosmologists, and transportation systems use UV light as a safer and more effective approach to sanitization. As technology evolves, so do our abilities to find better solutions to the problems we face daily. And what an issue we are currently facing; a shortage in sanitization products nationwide and hard-to-meet demand. Increasing prices and uncertainty surrounding chlorine are leading pool owners to investigate other sanitizing alternatives. 

UV Sanitization? How Does It Work?

A UV pool system can be added to your pool to maintain the sanitation and overall cleanliness of the pool. The ultraviolet light is contained in a safe environment, so it does not cause harm to swimmers. The system generates UVC light which does not kill off the bacteria but sterilizes it to stop reproduction. Water then passes through the light to treat the bacteria. Some high-range UV systems can kill off bugs and other organisms as well. Like the other sanitation alternatives we have discussed, you will still need some added chemicals to maintain the pool chemistry.  

What Are the Benefits?

UV systems are a non-intrusive means of sanitizing your pool. As with all alternatives, there is some chemical assistance need. However, with this system, you won’t need to introduce as many chemicals into the pool. One of the more significant benefits of using a UV system is its ability to aid in algae control. UV also breaks down the chloramines, byproducts of chlorine which build upon the pool’s surface. Chloramines give off the strong chlorine smell in pools and can be corrosive to the pool and equipment. The need for shocking your pool is reduced as well. You can combine a UV system with a salt cell system or ozone generator to help maximize sanitization and keep overall maintenance at a low. 

There are many options available for pool owners to maximize their time and budget. A UV light system may be just the thing you are looking for to lower your pool chemical needs. Circumstances have changed the outlook of pool maintenance and care for an undetermined amount of time. While disruptive, this gives pool owners an opportunity to consider options they may not have known were available to them otherwise. Choosing the best alternative for your needs can be overwhelming, but speaking with a pool professional can help determine what’s right for you and your backyard space.