At B&B Pool and Spa, creating dream backyards goes hand-in-hand with prioritizing pool safety.  While pool fences and responsible adult supervision remain crucial, exciting advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making a splash in the world of pool safety.

We’ll take a look at how AI is making swimming safer for families and communities worldwide. 

Benefit of Using AI for Pool Safety 

You may be hesitant when it comes to new tech, especially AI, and who could blame you? However, for some industries, AI is being harnessed to be more helpful to those who use it. 

When it comes to the pool industry AI has been approached to make swimming safer, prevent accidents and give swimmers a piece of mind. Let’s check out a few ways pool owners can benefit from AI. 

Additional “Eyes” and Detection 

Unlike lifeguards who require breaks, AI-powered systems can continuously monitor your pool. This 24/7 vigilance provides an extra layer of security, especially during evenings and off-seasons, offering you peace of mind.

Catch Things Before They Happen 

Imagine a system that can recognize distress before it becomes an emergency. AI-powered cameras combined with sophisticated algorithms can potentially detect signs of struggle in the water, allowing for quicker intervention and potentially life-saving actions.

One great example of this comes from the company CAMEREYE who have created an AI system in which pool owners can draw a boundary around the pool via the touch screen system. If anything crosses that boundary, the system will send an alert. The beauty of this system is that you can place the boundary as far as you would like for ample alert time. 

Lifeguard sitting in his spot at a local swimming pool watching over swimmers.

Smarter Technology 

Gone are the days of false alarms from pool cameras triggered by a floating pool toy. AI can differentiate between swimmers, pets, or objects, minimizing unnecessary scares and ensuring a focused response to genuine situations.

Lynxight is using this tech to help lifeguards keep a better eye on the pool area. This is especially helpful when there is a large amount of people swimming at once. Lifeguards can get alerts via a smart watch and know exactly where the danger is taking place, allowing them to act faster and with more precision.

Predictive Power

By analyzing pool usage data, AI can identify peak times and areas with higher risk. This valuable information allows pool managers to optimize lifeguard deployment and proactively address potential hazards before they arise.

Enhancing Your Pool Experience

The benefits of AI extend beyond safety. AI-powered systems can monitor your pool’s water quality, chemical levels, and even energy consumption. This real-time data allows for proactive maintenance, saving you time and resources while ensuring your pool remains crystal clear and enjoyable all season long.

Take a Multi-Layered Approach to Safety 

While AI offers a powerful new tool, it’s important to remember that it shouldn’t replace traditional safety measures like fences, pool covers, and adult supervision.  AI is an exciting addition to our safety toolbox, not a substitute for responsible pool use.

Will You Consider AI to Enhance the Safety of Your Pool? 

As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more intelligent pool safety systems. Imagine a future where AI can not only detect distress but also activate pool covers or trigger emergency alerts.  At B&B Pool and Spa, we are committed to ensuring your backyard oasis remains a place for safe and endless summer fun. If you have question about how to make your pool safer for you and your loved ones, contact us.