Keep yourself fit with these fun ideas

With social distancing keeping us mostly inside, keeping both healthy and entertained can be challenging. The CDC recommends staying active and getting plenty of rest, but we know this can be difficult given the limitations.

With growing evidence that vitamin D deficiency from staying inside may worsen existing health problems, it’s more important than ever to safely get some sun whenever possible. Here are five ways you can stay healthy and active while social distancing.

1. Jump Rope

Jumping rope isn’t just for kids!

Do you remember grade school afternoons spent jumping rope outside? As it turns out, this is one excellent way to get some cardio into your routine while practicing social distancing. For an extra boost, try it outside in the sunlight if you can.

Evidence shows that cardio workouts can increase your immune system’s defenses and boost anti-inflammatory processes. It can also prevent or delay some age-related degenerative processes of the immune system. 

In order to properly size your jump rope, fold the rope in half and hold the ends in your hands so they’re even. Stand on the center of the rope and pull the ends up. They should reach to your armpits. This helps ensure that the rope will not be either too short to safely jump over or have too much slack while jumping. 

2. Take an online exercise class

For those who prefer a little more direction, right now is an especially good time to take an online exercise class. The best motivation to stay fit and healthy is to find an activity that you enjoy. Right now, there are nearly endless options, both free and paid, to stay fit with an online class.

If you prefer something that’s slow and easier on your joints, you may find that a yoga class suits your style. There are several varieties to choose from, including Hatha yoga which focuses on gentle exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles, and hot yoga for those who prefer a more intense workout.

Other options for online exercise classes include pilates, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Zumba. If you already have equipment, you can join cycling classes or watch instructional videos on safe weight training. Here are some examples of online fitness classes that can help you get started getting in shape.

3. Learn a new dance

There’s never a bad time to learn to dance!

Always wanted to blow people away with your dancing skills? Now is the time to get them! Dancing can help relieve stress and serves as an excellent cardio workout. In addition, there are enough styles of dance that everyone can find a type they enjoy.

Some common styles include ballet, which builds strength and flexibility while incorporating mostly classical music; ballroom dancing, which can be danced with a partner and includes the foxtrot, waltz, tango, and rumba; and hip-hop, which involves faster movements and serves as an excellent cardio workout. 

To get started dancing, you can find music and lessons online both paid and for free. Make sure you have plenty of space and clothes you can move in, as well as plenty of water to stay hydrated while moving. If you’re living with children, a significant other, or family, you can include them in your lessons to have fun and bond a bit as well.

4. Play with pets or children

Bring out your inner kid!

Children and pets are great sources of fun while staying at home. If you’re living with your kids or pets, get them involved to stay active together. You can play classic games, like hide-and-go-seek or tag with your kids, or try new ideas like creating a scavenger hunt or building a fort out of things around the house. 

As for pets, this is the perfect time to teach them new tricks (yes, this includes cats!) By training step by step, you can teach your dog advanced tricks like retrieving items from the fridge or even how to dance. Don’t be afraid to show your kids how to teach them new things as well! It’s a great way to do something together as a family.

5. Stay cool with water games

Make a splash with some new pool games!

If you have a pool or even a backyard space, embrace your inner child and have fun outside! You can swim laps for cardio, play games like sharks and minnows, volleyball, or dive to get items from the bottom of the pool. If you don’t have a pool, a small inflatable one can help you cool down or add some variety to your kids’ routine. 

For something different, break out the water balloons and water guns and have fun while social distancing. You can even play hot potato with water balloons or water gun tag. For fun in the pool, consider installing a small basketball hoop or finding some pool toys to add something new. For any questions about how to install new accessories or to ask about how you can add a pool to your yard, reach out to the pros at B&B Pool and Spa!