It’s been a year since we covered the BioLabs chemical fire that dramatically impacted the pool industry nationwide. Unfortunately, the industry hasn’t been able to catch a break since then.

With major storms hitting the east coast, the cost of supplies going up, and a shortage of supply and labor, the pool industry is trying its best to stay afloat. So what is the current state of the pool industry in the new year? This article will take a look.

Newest Happenings 

Unforeseen circumstances have hit another chemical plant. Qualico Inc. in Passaic, New Jersey, caught fire in early January 2022. The fire started in a residential home and required teams of firefighters from surrounding areas to get the inferno under control. 

Thankfully, through the hard work of the fire departments, the flames were contained and able to be stopped before they reached the stockpile of chemicals in the plant warehouse. However, the damage left behind was devastating. 

Although the chemicals were spared, production at Qualico Inc. will now be delayed, further slowing down the supply chain. It’s yet to be determined when they will be up and running at their regular capacity. 

Current State of the BioLabs’ Plant

After a devastating fire ripped through the BioLabs plant in Lake Charles, LA, we have seen just how much it affected the prices of trichlor. Unfortunately, an unprecedented price spike continues, and the plant is not yet in operation. 

As of June 2021, the company broke ground and began building its new facility. There are no solid dates for when the plant will be ready to start production. However, it will take time for the company to reach its previous production capacity. As a result, chlorine prices may not see a decline for quite some time. 

What’s Happening in Pool Construction?

Covid is the leading cause for many of the issues we are facing within the pool industry. However, the lasting effects can be seen throughout the industry’s supply chain in nearly every aspect.

Yes, pool construction has seen an unprecedented shift in the number of people looking to invest in pool ownership. In addition, the inability to leave home or take part in public pools lead homeowners to rethink how they use their outdoor spaces. 

Now, most pool construction companies, including us here at B&B Pool and Spa, are seeing an uptick in pool builds. As pool construction costs continue to rise due to the shortages, customers still find the investment worthwhile. 

Growing Need for Chlorine Alternatives 

Throughout the year, we’ve explored other solutions for those who weren’t able to purchase chemicals or wanted to prepare for potential price hikes or shortages in the future.

Ozone systems, salt cell generators, and UV are great solutions to lessen your need for chlorine. And although you will need some chlorine to maintain your pool, investing in these options will significantly reduce overall need. 

Moving Forward in the Pool Industry

The pool industry will continue to see changes throughout the coming year. Though it isn’t clear when we will be able to come up for air and breathe a sigh of relief, there are things pool owners can do to stay above water. 

Understanding the importance of pool maintenance along with hiring a trusted pool professional to perform scheduled checks can aid in a healthy, long-lasting swimming pool. 

At B&B Pool and Spa, we know pool ownership adds immense value to your home and outdoor space. So if you are considering the investment, such as a new pool build, updating your pool liner, or opening your pool for the swim season, we are here for you!