As the new year starts to pick up speed, so does planning for summer entertainment. With most of the nation looking to remain home through the summer season and possibly beyond, many people are considering opening their pools for the first time in years. For some, that may be simply removing the winter cover and treating the water. In contrast, others look to renovate or replace their swimming pool liner altogether.  

When is the right time?

You may not have thought about it much; but changing your pool liner is not only recommended but a great way to give your pool a facelift. Professionals advise you replace your pool liner every 5 to 9 years, depending on wear and tear. The weather plays a big part in the timing of installation. The warmer months are best for installation as the liner is easier to manage. 

There are many instances when vinyl liner replacement is needed before you reach that benchmark. A significant tear or rip in the liner from sharp objects, pets, and the like, can cause your pool to leak water, potentially causing more damage. Adding large amounts of chemicals can cause the vinyl liner to thin out slowly. Sunlight and UV rays can cause the liner to deteriorate and fade over a long time. This leaves a weaker liner and a higher potential for cracks and leaks. 

One preventive measure you can take to slow the fading process is to cover your pool when it’s not in use. Pool covers are not only for safety but also for extending your swimming pool’s health by protecting it from harsh sunlight and extreme weather conditions. 

So, What’s the Cost of a Vinyl Pool Liner?

There is no doubt that replacing your pool liner is one of the more costly pool ownership duties. The cost comes down to the measurements of your pool, but that’s not the only factor. When it’s time to rip out that tired, sun-bleached liner, proper inspection of your pool should take place. The project’s price tag could rise if any repairs or major work is needed.

Pool Liner Installation Process 

To begin, the pool equipment will be properly shut off and the pool will be drained completely. The existing liner, along with face plates and gaskets around fixtures and drains, can then be carefully removed. The track along the top of the walls, where the liner connects to the frame, will be inspected for damage.

The pool bottom will be raked smooth. For vermiculite pool bottoms, we budget up to two bags of vermiculite for troweling small divots. A new liner can then be installed, chosen from the extensive selection of colors and patterns from Imperial Pools. The liner is spread out, lined up, and tucked into the pool track. Wrinkles are smoothed out, and a Shop-Vac will be used to remove all the air, allowing the liner to sit flush with the pool’s walls. If your pool features a main drain, we will replace the gasket and retaining ring, and install a new VGB-compliant drain cover.

Now we can begin filling the pool! While it’s filling up, we will install new gaskets around lights, new face plates on the return inlets, and the skimmers will have both the gaskets and face plates replaced. We install these once the pool has begun filling to prevent any tearing of the liner. Once the pool is ready, the last thing to do is balance the water. 

Once everything checks out, you can enjoy your pool for years to come! However, the work doesn’t stop there; to get the most out of your investment, you must keep up route maintenance and follow the care instructions.

When in Doubt, Call A Professional!

Changing your swimming pool liner can seem like a daunting, stressful process to anyone. It is a sizable job that requires knowledge in multiple areas. Knowing the best way to resolve issues promptly is a must. While some people like to take on projects themselves; it is highly recommended that you call a professional pool service for the job. Professionals have the eye to see problems an average person may overlook, not to mention the manpower and equipment it takes to complete the project.

If you are looking for a change for the upcoming season, now is a great time to call a pool service professional for a consultation. As we get closer to opening season, the wait list will continue to grow. They say the early bird gets the worm, but in this case, the early bird gets to enjoy their swimming pool all season long!