Keeping your pool clean is essential to a healthy and functioning pool all season long. In order to get a fresh start on the swimming season ahead, your pool will need an overhaul cleaning after winter conditions have left it dormant.

How Thoroughly Must You Clean? 

Some pools may need a deep clean with extensive vacuuming, while a simpler cleanup for others will suffice. Many factors determine how much cleaning your pool will require. 

If there’s been any damage done to your pool, it can cause the cleanup to be more tedious and may call for repairs. For example, a damaged winter pool cover may allow sediment and other debris to fall into the water, making cleanup a must. You may also need to repair or purchase a new winter pool cover

Maintaining your pool cover will be in your best interest in reducing the amount of cleanup needed. That includes regularly removing leaves and other items from your pool cover periodically. Doing this prevents a pile-up that may cause your cover to sag below the water line, leaving all debris to fall into the water. If leaves are built up on the cover when it is removed during the pool opening, they are likely to fall into the water and lengthen the cleaning process.

Along with cover maintenance, other factors can affect how much cleaning you’ll need, such as:

  • Imbalanced pool chemistry at closing
  • Increase in algae bloom due to warmer weather 
  • Mud washing into the pool from heavy rains 

If any of these scenarios are the case, you’ll have to invest in thorough cleaning. Cleaning and balancing your pool correctly will lessen overall maintenance by keeping things like algae at bay. 

What’s Involved in the Cleaning Process? 

Having your pool opened and cleaned by a professional is highly recommended, as a trained pool technician will properly maintain it and can also see potential problem areas before they become bigger issues. Remember, part of pool maintenance is taking preventative measures so that you don’t find yourself with an expensive repair later on.

We begin the Initial Pool Vacuuming service 24-72 hours after we have opened the pool. This allows particles that were stirred up during the opening to settle down to the pool floor, to be vacuumed. Our cleaning process is as follows:

  • Vacuum the pool
  • Clean out all baskets (skimmers and pumps)
  • Brush down the pool walls
  • Skim debris from the pool surface
  • Test water chemistry and balance
  • Clean pool filter (if needed, additional charge) 

Professional cleaning and maintenance of a pool can add up when you consider the cost of labor, the chemicals needed, and the time it takes. However, it’s a worthwhile investment to keep your pool in the best shape, not to mention it saves you from having to do all the backbreaking work yourself. 

Our Initial Vacuuming Service 

Vacuuming removes all the sediments and algae accumulated over the winter months and is much quicker and more thorough than manually performing the task. Clearing out the majority of the debris by vacuum also prolongs the life of your pool filter, which can struggle to remove heavy sediment.

You may not wish to tackle this job on your own, and who could blame you? That’s when our Initial Vacuuming Service may be of help to you. This service is on a per-half-hour basis and includes vacuuming and balancing your pool chemistry. Any chemicals used or cleaning the pool filter (if necessary) are not included in this rate and are billed as they are needed.

The time it takes to clean your pool after opening can vary, often taking several hours. It all depends on your swimming pool’s condition. During the initial vacuuming process, our technicians will clean for up to 2 hours per visit, returning for subsequent visits until the cleaning is complete. You can also call to stop the service once you are satisfied with the condition of your pool. If you prefer, you may set a maximum time limit for our technicians when you sign up for the service. However, it’s important to note that early termination of service may result in a pool that is not sufficiently clean.

This service aims to get your swimming pool in the best shape to begin your swim season. By ensuring your pool is adequately clean after opening, you’ll be on the right track to maintain your pool from the start!

Consider B&B for Your Pool Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your pool is a great way to eliminate all the gunk and algae left behind from the cold, dark winter months. In any case, it’s best to consider a pool professional for your spring cleaning needs!