As an owner of a swimming pool, one of the essential pieces of equipment you will find yourself looking into is a pool cover. Everyone understands its primary use; however, pool covers have many more benefits than keeping out that pesky debris falling from your neighbor’s pine tree.

Important Factors to Consider

Not all covers are created equal, so it’s best to understand your needs. Needs will vary depending on factors such as pool size, type, and environment. As mentioned, the primary function is to keep your pool free of dirt, which keeps water crisp and clear and aids in keeping your pool healthy and maintenance at minimum.

Another crucial consideration is SAFETY! Pool covers keep you safe whether you live in a rural area with wild animals running about or in a highly populated neighborhood with many children. Pool covers significantly lower the chances of someone drowning, getting hurt, or in the worst case, death. Safety should always be at the forefront of any pool owner’s mind.

Seasonal prep is also an essential factor in the type of pool cover you may need. You will want to winterize your pool in the offseason, to protect it from freezing as temperatures drop. Or you may be looking for something that has simple functionality for the summer months. It makes a world of difference in everything from chemical needs, minimizing or eliminating possible damage from the varying temperatures and durability.

Types of Pool Covers and Options

Do you own an above-ground pool or an in-ground one? That will determine your choice moving forward. Some options are only available for one or the other; however, you can find covers with all the benefits you are looking for.

Pool covers can come in a wide variety, and as technology advances, so do the available options for in-ground covers. After considering your needs, it’s time to look at the options available to you.

Winter Covers

Classic Winter Pool Covers (tarp & waterbags)

basic winter pool cover
A basic winter cover, held in place by water bags around perimeter.

These winter pool covers are the budget-friendly solution for closing your pool for the colder months. This type, secured by weighted water bags, primarily keeps out debris. Winter pool covers do not serve well for safety use but will allow your pool to remain healthy during the offseason.

Safety Covers (installed with anchors)

A Meyco safety cover installed for the winter
A rectangular pool winterized for the season with a Meyco cover.

If safety is your main concern, look no further than a Safety pool cover. Here at B&B Pool and Spa Center, we carry The ORIGINAL Safety Pool Cover by Meyco Pool Covers. These covers ensure safety by exceeding the ASTM safety standards. It’s durable, holding up to 4,000lbs preventing people and wildlife from falling in. Made of a lightweight material, the Meyco pool cover makes installation and removal fuss free. Safety covers offer low maintenance, a longer life span, and secure anchoring.


Mesh covers are for those looking for a more lightweight option. Rain and melting snow can trickle through, ensuring the surface isn’t weighed down and damaged. A small amount of extra-fine debris may pass through, requiring a little more maintenance in the spring. A cover pump isn’t needed to protect the cover; though, it’s recommended to keep the water level from rising too high. Meyco offers a Mesh Safety option that reduces UV rays from damaging your pool.


These covers do not allow rain and melting snow to pass through but keeps the pool cleaner by blocking out small particles. Though it requires a cover pump to regularly remove excess water buildup, the material allows for lasting durability.

Covers for the Swimming Season

Solar Covers

A solar cover being laid out on a pool
A solar cover being laid out across a pool’s surface.

These pool covers, also referred to as solar blankets, are designed to be deployed and packed away easily throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Extremely lightweight, this cover floats across the pool’s surface and adds a powerful boost to water temperature. Heat from sun passes through this cover and gets trapped, warming your pool up by as much as 15 degrees without any need for a heater! Solar covers not only save you money on heating costs, they can extend your swimming season into early spring and late autumn.

Automatic Covers

Rectangular pool with Coverstar automatic cover
A Coverstar automatic pool cover.

This one can be a lifesaver for those with larger pools. An automatic cover can be opened and closed at the push of a button, keeping debris, people, and animals from falling in when the pool is not in use. Rolling tracks are permanently installed in the pool, below the coping. This type is not recommended for winter use, as the weight of snow can permanently damage the tracks. A winter or safety cover will also be needed. Though it’s a more expensive option, if the convenience is of importance to you, it may well be worth it.

Importance of Pool Covers

Throughout this article, we have touched on why it is essential to have a pool cover installed. These include:

  • Cleaning is made simple and easy
  • Ensures safety not only for the owner, but also those around you
  • Helps to keep chemical needs low, reducing expenses over time
  • Lowers maintenance and repair costs by preventing damage
  • Lowers overall time spent in maintenance

Another factor that you should consider is the potential savings in energy costs. Evaporation is something that affects all pools and can certainly put a strain on your wallet and time. Having a pool cover for regular use can drastically reduce the amount of evaporation and aids in maintaining your pool’s ideal temperature.

These factors and options can help you decide the best choice for you and your swimming pool. If you find yourself unsure or in search of some guidance, call a trusted pool service professional, and we will guide you in the right choice for you!