You’re one of the lucky ones who own a pool. You bought your home and the pool was already in place. It’s been a few years, and this spring as you walk into the backyard, the patio shows signs of aging. In the pool you see the once bright liner has faded. When you venture behind the cabana the heater, pumps, and filters aren’t ready for the swimming season. A updated pool renovation may be in order

It’s time for a backyard upgrade! The nice thing is that you already have a solid infrastructure in place. So if all you want to do is give your pool a bright facelift, you can polish and brighten what you have by replacing your pool liner or adding additional features such as a spa.

But maybe you want to do something more inclusive. Maybe it’s time to renew your outdoor environment with new features and luxurious additions. If you’ve come to that place in your backyard planning, take a few minutes to consider some exciting pool renovation ideas.

Pool Renovaton: Where To Begin, What’s Possible, And How Much To Spend

The beauty of this moment is you have a world of appealing choices. Do you want to enlarge your pool? Would you like to change the pool’s shape? Maybe you’d like a beach entry, or the cascading sounds and sights of a dramatic waterfall? Do the kids want a waterslide? Or have they grown up and now you want to create a more natural environment for the view in your backyard?

Unless you are fortunate enough to have limitless funds to spend on your pool, you’ll want to create a plan that suits both your dreams and your pocketbook. Make your first call to an experienced pool company with a winning track record—that has plenty of ideas, know-how, and creativity to deliver the results you want. Let’s take a look at some of the imaginative ways you can renovate your pool and backyard.

Create a New Shape for Your Pool

Okay, so this isn’t the easiest upgrade you could imagine, but let’s say you’ve always wanted a more natural looking landscape with a freeform pool. Or maybe you want a better swim lane so you can do laps in the pool. Or maybe you want to redesign your pool into a clean geometric shape.

If you’re not concerned with preserving any of the old pool, you can build any type of pool your property can handle. Now you can put in a vanishing edge pool to take advantage of your property’s view. You can go so far as to have a rimless overflow pool, so you see nothing but water spilling from all sides of your pool. You can change your pool from a geometric shape to freeform or vice versa.

Enlarge Your Pool

Maybe, you want a bit larger pool. Don’t rush. If you’re going to enlarge you pool, some digging will have to be done. Once the backhoe bites into the ground where your larger or different pool will be, it’s too late to stop. So you need to hire a certified pool builder with the experience and skills to design and finish your pool in the way you want it done.

If you’re just adding to the old gunite pool, you may not have to remove the old shell. Just dig behind the existing wall and remove a section of the pool wall to open up the pool. Your pool builder will lay out the new section of pool with steel rebar grid and tie it into the existing shell. Once the framework is secured, your pool builder will spray the gunite onto the new shell section and let it cure. Then your builder can finish plastering, surfacing, and filling your newly enlarged pool.

Talk it out with your pool builder; they are happy to explain the process, the time schedule, and the investment.

Shrink Your Pool

Let’s say your pool is too deep. Maybe it was built to accommodate diving board. Your pool builder can readily install a new pool shell inside your old one.  If your pool is really suffering the pangs of time, this might be a solution to consider. You can make changes to the shape by adding new curves, and perhaps put in some new features. One note: if you have a vinyl pool, you may have to switch to gunite, read more to learn the difference. Discuss this subject at length with your pool builder, including schedule and budget.

If you have a small pool, you might want to consider putting in a current generating SwimJet—which will turn your pool into an underwater swimming “treadmill,” giving you the exercise advantages of a lap pool in your backyard.

If you’re thinking about a pool renovation, download our Pool Builder Comparison Guide. You’ll be able look at a side-by-side comparison of three bidding companies to see how they stack up against one another.

Stay tuned for more about how you can renovate your pool. In the meantime, if you’re thinking about a pool renovation or backyard makeover make an appointment with us and let’s create your space the upgrade it deserves.