1.  Is there a landscape architect on your staff?

Finding a company with a Landscape Architect (LA) on staff will save you time, money and aggravation.  A licensed LA is trained and experienced in providing a design that integrates the entire backyard to match both your lifestyle and imagination.  Your investment deserves professionals who are experts in handling the particulars of design and implement the actualization of your project. Finding a pool builder with an LA on staff means you’re hiring a true design-build firm.   

2.  How long have you been building pools? 

Quality companies gain their expertise through training and field experience.  Designing and building water shapes utilizing master craftsmen with direct experience is irreplaceable.  It takes years to learn the craft, the methods and the nuances of quality construction. You should know in advance that the company you hire can do the work you require. Therefore, it’s not just a matter of the number years in business; it’s a matter of years of experience in the right business.  Be sure to hire a company with the capability to deliver what you expect.

3.  Are you a member of your profession’s associations?

When hiring a pool builder, look for third party verification of their credibility.  Professional organizations require members uphold a certain set of standards and abide by a code of ethics.  Furthermore, they track their members and provide an important venue for continuing education as well as accreditation.  Look for membership in professional organizations such as the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

4.  Is it possible to visit some of your finished projects?

Not only may you get some new ideas for your pool, you might also see how the company’s pools wear over time.  An in-person visit will tell you things pictures and descriptions can never convey.  For instance, you may see a project that has a lived-in look because the owner-family uses the pool for relaxation and fun.  If you’ve found a good pool builder, he or she will invariably be proud to show you their work.

5.  Do you have your own team or do you depend on subcontractors? 

If you meet with a so-called pool builder that uses subcontractors exclusively, you may encounter a future problem.  Some aspects of the work in your yard can be performed by well-supervised professionals. However, there are specialized tasks in the construction of a pool that should not be delegated.  While you never want to have to seek recourse to a situation, you definitely want a pool builder that will be accountable for all the work done on your property and has the capacity to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.  A solid, quality pool builder will warranty the work done on your project.