In life, we may come across pitfalls that can be unforeseen and costly. In response, we have insurance policies to protect us. A warranty is similar, except it is an agreement to cover a product against unexpected problems or losses. Pool warranties are no exception. No matter what type of pool or spa you may be considering, you will want to protect your investment. You will want to extend the life of your investment while being financially efficient.

Manufacturer Warranties 

Pool warranties typically fall into two types: manufacturer warranties and builder’s warranties. Manufacturer warranties come with a product when it is purchased. We use these types of contracts daily—everything from a pair of earbuds, a vacuum cleaner, computers, and cars. However, manufacturer warranties also cover large purchases for pool equipment and, sometimes, the pool itself.


Any pool equipment such as pumps, slides, diving boards, and pool covers should come with a manufacturer warranty. The duration of the contract will vary depending on the manufacturer and product. Pool covers, for example, are a standard purchase for pool owners. They’re an essential part of keeping your pool in healthy condition, and it’s crucial for damaged covers to be repaired or replaced. Therefore, Meyco Pool Covers provide a 12-year warranty with their selection of pool covers. 

Hot Tubs/ Spas 

Another aquatic investment you may purchase is a spa or hot tub. Each company is different, so it’s essential to read over the warranty to understand its terms. Most warranties will cover manufacturer defects or malfunction. Sundance Spas offers warranties specific to individual parts and equipment. The terms can be confusing, but as a certified Sundance dealer, we will be able to answer your questions regarding their spas and warranties. A warranty breakdown and downloadable PDF is available on their website.  

Warranties for Different Pool Structures

I am sure you’re wondering, what about the pool itself? Shouldn’t that come with a warranty? The short answer is yes, although it can be limited. Also, the type of pool you have will determine which warranties are available.

There are two types of pool structures that fall under manufacturer warranty: fiberglass and vinyl liner pools.

A fiberglass pool generally comes with two warranties. The first of these is a structural warranty that covers the pool shell. Additionally, a surface warranty will cover the gel coat surface. Each of these separate contracts will have their own terms. 

Vinyl pools also come with a manufacturer warranty. However, these warranties will mainly cover defects at the plastic seams or a defect that causes the pool to leak immediately. It does not cover the installation or replacement of the liner, due to normal wear and tear. This minimal warranty is mostly to cover manufacturing defects only.  

Workmanship Warranty 

The second type of warranty you may come in contact with is a workmanship warranty, or builder’s warranty. A builder’s warranty covers the craftsmanship of the construction of the pool. This warranty will cover the basic structure of the pool, and may extend beyond that. These agreements can vary wildly from one company to the next. It is always worth taking the time to understand what is being covered.

Pool Structures Covered Under Workmanship Warranty 

Gunite pools are different type of precision build. Their longevity depends on installing the concrete properly. Due to the nature of the construction, it falls into the workmanship warranty. Properly installed, these pools are said to last nearly a lifetime. However, life is unpredictable. For peace of mind, it’s best to know that you are covered.

Get The Most from Your Warranties

As a pool owner, you will want to know and understand all the warranties you have. You need to be clear on what they cover and how long they will last. If something goes wrong, a warranty can be the difference between the amount spent on a repair versus the amount saved. It’s essential to read through all warranties thoroughly, including the fine print. You may find things that need better explanation. In those cases, contact the company that issued it and ask for clarification. 

Is It Transferable?

If you are buying or selling a home with a pool, it is good to know if any or all of the warranties for the pool and systems are transferable. Some warranties may be void after a change in owners, while others can make the transfer under certain requirements. It’s best to be clear on what your warranty allows, because having the freedom to transfer ownership can be beneficial in the long term. 

Warranty Exclusions 

Sometimes we spend so much time asking what IS covered, that we don’t consider what is NOT covered. Understanding exclusions can help you better understand the scope of the warranty. Knowing what will void the warranty is also essential. Taking preventative care and maintenance of the pool and equipment is standard in most warranties. Lack of proper care can result in damage to your pool, therefore voiding the warranty. Do your best to schedule appointments with your pool professional a couple of times a year to measure your pool’s health. 

Save Your Receipts! 

Always save proof of purchase and any agreements that have been signed or received. We live in a digital age! You can scan or take a photo to make digital copies of all your warranties. Doing so proves the work was completed by a particular company, along with the details of the agreement.

Pool warranties and all they entail can be a very stressful and confusing topic to approach. However, it’s in your best interest to ask these questions of the builder and company you plan to work with. Keep your warranties near and read over them often. If you need any help with your warranty, call a pool service professional or manufacturer, as they have a deeper understanding of warranty documents. It’s better to know you are protected, than to assume you are.