Now that warmer weather is upon us, we’ve entered the mosquito season. Around the country, a concern relating to water safety is the emergence of the potentially devastating Zika Virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses. Professional pool companies are taking a proactive approach to lesson this rising and dangerous healthcare and water safety issue.

Avoid Zika Virus Eliminate Mosquitos

Zika has no known cure, so preventing the disease is a major health concern. There are other mosquito-borne illnesses such as West Nile Virus and dog heartworm that are similar in nature. One way to mitigate the spread of these diseases is to limit the mosquito population.

Professional Service Helps Protect Swimming Pool Owners

Mosquitos lay their eggs in still water. This means that having a well-maintained swimming pool—with properly operating pumps and filters, and that continuously move the water and maintain chemically balance—will prevent mosquitos from breeding in your pool. Your best line of defense against mosquitos is to have your pool properly serviced and maintained. Not only will professional service help prevent those annoying and potentially dangerous insects from proliferating; your pool will be inviting you to enjoy its clear, refreshing waters.

Find The Places Mosquitos Breed

So the places mosquitos can reproduce in your backyard in the area around your pool are anywhere there is standing water, such as a pool cover, buckets, and other containers that hold rainwater or dew. It doesn’t take much for a mosquito to start a family. Your trashcan—even the lid—could hold enough water. Turn anything on your property that acts as a basin for water to collect upside down.

Fight Still Water With Moving Water

If you have a birdbath, take your garden hose and spray it once a day. Change your pets’ water bowls daily. Remember, it’s standing water mosquitos require in order to breed. If you can prevent the standing water from remaining stagnant for more than a day, you will do quite a bit to keep those buzzing pests from spreading disease or bothering your family.

Getting Rid Of Mosquitos

If you have a body of water in your backyard, and you can’t get to it on a daily basis, there are some treatments you can use to keep the bugs away: Mosquito Dunks, Mosquito Bits, or Mosquito Torpedoes. Formulated for use in ponds and birdbaths, these products distribute bacteria that are toxic only to mosquito larvae. Made from a natural insecticide, these anti-mosquito treatments are a favorite of people who don’t want to use poisonous chemical. These treatments are harmless to humans, fish and pets, and have been used successfully for years.

Water safety comes in many forms. Whatever you do now that the weather is warming up, stay mosquito-free, safe and healthy. Let these times be the best of your life.