While the official day of winter is still yet to come, it sure feels like it’s here! As the harsh weather and the cold begins to beat down throughout the regions, pool maintenance may seem like the last thing you want to tackle or have time for. That’s where we come in! We offer our Winter Watch Service that helps you maintain your pool during the colder months and provides a piece of mind that your investment is well looked after.

What is Winter Watch?

Our technicians conduct this service throughout the winter months to check that your pool’s health is in good condition. The beginning and end of the winter months are the most crucial when monitoring your structure. There is greater potential for repeated freezing and thawing that can cause significant issues during this time. Our technicians look for key indicators of possible concerns or issues and move to resolve them quickly. 

Water Level

During these visits, checking the water level is of great importance. The water level of your pool helps to keep the structure in place to prevent cracks. It also helps prevent freeze damage to the skimmers, returns, coping, and tile line. 

Inspection of Pool Equipment 

The structure of the pool is not the only item on the checklist. Pool equipment is checked for emerging issues, and the cover pump is inspected for proper placement and functionality. This ensures that rain and snow don’t raise the water level too high.

Our technicians also inspect the pool cover to see if there’s any damage caused to the cover by falling debris. 

The straps may be tightened at this time if needed. The tension from the cover straps connected to the patio anchor can cause the anchors to be pulled out of the ground. If this occurs, we will schedule a visit to reinstall them.

Let Us Help! 

We know you understand the importance of pool maintenance during the swim season, and it extends to the off-season as well. So as winter approaches and the holidays close in, look no further than us here at B&B Pool and Spa for a helping hand.  

This service includes at least three visits for the season, about one visit a month. If you have a situation in which your pool completely freezes over, the service is suspended until the pool thaws. Further inspection will then take place. Sign up for our Winter Watch service via our website, and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you!