NOTE: People with health problems should consult with their physicians prior to beginning any type of spa treatments.

As the population in America ages, we continue to search for the fountain of youth. Staving off the aging process is more than simply taking medications. There are proactive steps you can take to keep and even recover your health—without drugs.

Hydrotherapy is Soothing

All of us know there are important things we can to do to improve our health, but some advice isn’t easy to follow. Many healthy things we “should do” may be daunting or require great discipline and, especially, a lot of time. But there is one relaxing, soothing, and easy thing you can do to aid your health: relax in your own hot tub.

Think about it: you get to use a highly enjoyable creature comfort, which has a positive impact on your health and vitality. All the time you are gently unwinding in a warm spa, you receive the pleasures and medical benefits of its massaging jets.

You’ll feel better the moment you climb into the warm, welcoming water. Best of all, there are additional benefits you’ll get, while all you’re doing is soaking and relaxing—nothing more.

As you immerse in the water, it’s as if you feel the gentle pressure of a heavy, warm blanket snugly wrapping around your body. The gentle warm, full-body hug you feel causes the blood vessels in your skin to open. This important act increases your heart rate and circulation.

It accounts, in part, for the warm glow in your appearance after you emerge from the tub.

Hydrotherapy Can Help You Heal

It’s almost as though you’re feeling the effects of exercise. The difference is that in a hot tub, your heart rate increase comes effortlessly . . . without the stress and strain of physical exertion. We know that stretching muscles also puts beneficial pressure on bones and connective tissues, which helps strengthen your bones and joints, since the stretching gently increases your mobility.

Owning a hot tub makes daily stretching easier and more enjoyable. The increased exercise reduces the risk of injury. The buoyancy of the water takes most of the pressure off your joints and muscles while improving your overall range of motion. With well-placed adjustable jets, you can direct the massaging action to focus gently on problem areas.

Today’s best hot tubs, like Sundance®, are restricted from rising above 104° F. You can always adjust the temperature to be lower, if you like. It’s vital for everyone to stay hydrated, especially those with heart problems and young children. So when using a hot tub, always have liquids nearby. When you set the temperature right, you’re family and friends can join you in enjoying the benefits of a good, muscle relaxing soak.

If nothing else, the prospect of relaxing during today’s hectic times is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health. Taking time to unwind from your daily activities can be restorative in many ways. With a hot tub located outside, you can be comfortable in the beauty of the outdoors no matter the weather.

Give It Some Thought

So whether you’re fit and coping with stress, or dealing with a health challenge, consider the benefits of a hot tub or hydrotherapy spa as a positive addition to your life. Visit B&B’s showroom and try out our heated floor models for yourself. There’s no better way to find out how much benefit you’ll get from owning a hot tub than by experiencing for yourself what one really feels like. You’ll remember the visit.