Sleek and elegant, a geometric pool by B&B Pool and Spa Center is a pool proven to be able to withstand the test of time.

Known as being one of the oldest pool design types, geometric pools feature straight lines and crisp corners which create classic poolscapes with a contemporary feel. A variety of shapes can be incorporated into the design including squares, subtle curves, and triangles.

Geometric Pool Design Features & Additions

  • Crisp edges and clean lines create a sense of luxury and elegance
  • Complements both modern and traditional outdoor living spaces
  • Can incorporate a variety of shapes including triangles and gentle curves

Each geometric pool designed and built by B&B Pool and Spa Center can be coupled with a number of eye-catching features including sheer descents, water walls, deck jets and bubblers. Contact us to explore the many opportunities you have to create your dream poolscape today!