Summer seems to be coming to an end, and although it may feel like you just opened your swimming pool, it’s time to prep your pool for the winter season. One fundamental responsibility of pool ownership is opening and closing your pool correctly. This seasonal procedure protects your investment and adds longevity to the lifespan of your swimming pool. 


One of the many topics we covered this pool season is the importance of sanitizing, balancing, and cleaning your pool. These topics also apply to the preparation of your pool closing.

Cleaning doesn’t just stop at brushing the walls, vacuuming, and skimming. All pool equipment should be thoroughly cleaned. That would include everything from your filter baskets to your pump and pool filter. The process of cleaning your filter will depend on the filter type you have. The filter may need to be backwashed or rinsed with a hose. All other pool accessories such as ladders and diving boards are cleaned and stored away in a dry place, along with any remaining pool chemicals. 

Pool Closing Chemistry 

Chemically balancing the water is fundamental in slowing the growth of bacteria in your pool during the off-season. It’s recommended your swimming pool’s pH levels be between 7.2 to 7.8, alkalinity between 80 to 120 ppm, and calcium hardness 100 to 200 ppm. The chlorine level is essential here as well. If you live in a cold climate, it will be necessary to add winterizing or antifreeze solutions to your water. The antifreeze solution prevents the water from completely freezing over and creating damage within your pool structure.

The lower temperatures help combat the growth of algae in your pool as well. If you clean your pool before you close it, there is less chance of algae growth. Many owners consider closing their pool when the temperature begins to dip below 65 degrees, in some cases maybe a little lower. Most pool closings start after the Labor Day holiday or around August or September.

Lower Water Level

An essential part of the closing process is to lower the water level of the pool. Lowering the water level reduces the risk of damage caused by freezing snow and ice. If you hire our team to do the job, it will be the customer’s responsibility to lower the water level below the tile line before closing. There may be additional charges if this task is not complete as our technicians will need to wait on-site longer.


Any water remaining in your equipment lines has the potential to freeze over. The remaining water causes breakage and splits in your lines. Therefore, it is essential to check that all lines and values are drained and blown out; this includes your pool filter as well. This process must be performed correctly and thoroughly for the best results. Once there isn’t any water present, the lines are plugged closed. Depending on the temperatures in your climate, you may or may not need to add an antifreeze solution to your lines for further winterization and protection. 

Cover Pool

Once all procedures are complete, the winter pool cover can be installed and secured. A winter safety pool cover, if installed correctly, will save your pool from the harsh temperatures of the winter season. It protects your pool from unwanted debris, such as ice and snow. This type of pool cover protects not only your pool but also your loved ones from falling in or injuring themselves. We offer Meyco Safety Pool Covers with custom options to best suit your needs. 

Closing Your Pool? Look No Further!

Not all pool owners in all climates will need to perform specific procedures in the winterization process. However, it’s still crucial to maintain your pool’s health when it’s no longer in use. During the closing process, inspect the pool and equipment for any defects or issues. Here, you can address each problem or potential problem as needed. 

Closing your pool is a tedious process that may feel daunting. You may not feel like taking it on yourself; rather you don’t think you have time, the equipment, or knowledge. In any case, don’t hesitate to hire our professionals to help you properly close your pool this season to ensure the health and safety of your investment. Sign up today via our website to secure your spot!