Summer is now long over. As we grow close to the end of another year, we’re coming upon a day on which we commemorate our Veterans. Originally named Armistice Day after the conclusion of the First World War, Veteran’s Day is an occasion on which we recognize how it is we came to be free.

It’s the height of summer. There’s no better time to enjoy your pool and backyard parties than the Fourth of July. This holiday is a time to celebrate and count the many blessings we have. It takes a lot for us to have the freedom and prosperity to enjoy life. It’s not something we should  Read More

Falling into the pool can be fun for the kids Keeping Your Pool Safe is the Best Insurance for A Lifetime of Good Memories Nothing is more important than safety. My brothers and I have always said, “When you do it right, your pool is the greatest place for learning life skills, playing with people  Read More